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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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his own life. it is no evidence at this point to suggest otherwise. mr. mackey made it. we'll pass those along when they become available. one person is dead. another in the hospital after getting hit by car this morning. it all happened around 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of borders road at oak grove just east of shelby. this video provided by lynn ledge photography. a woman died at the scene and a man was taken to the hospital. authorities say the two in the middle of the road when the two
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truck them. the car they had been riding in was parked on the street still running. it us not clear when they were in the road f. no word on the machine's condition this morning. the fbi is taking over one local college. all day monday, tuesday, the fbi is holding rapid training. officials are sending out the alert now, so people won't be alarmed when exercises begin. it will focus on how to handle active shooter situations and use a large portion of the campus to help agents get the experience needed in case the situation breaks out in our area. >> a march through the streets of charlotte aims to raise awareness about the deportation of students now in the queen city dozens of people took the streets of charlotte marching to the government center. supporters say, they are taking
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unjust deportation of students who are getting set back to dangerous situations in their native country. the silent march reports some in the district who have been detained by ice. people at the rally say they are hoping to show the government this should not be. >> one of the tragedies they are using now, and i think, the vast major think of community does not agree with that the streets arrests and, and like i say many are pap ending continue the way to the bus stop, and, and that this is strategy and for our community. >> , organizers say many students have been in hiding, living in fear being deported. >> the controversial charlotte restroom ordinance could have legislature meeting earlier than expected. the house speaker tim moore said today that he hopes to call a special session for this week to discuss the ordeal. that ordinance allows transgender people to use the bathroom or locker room of the
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state law says the house and the senate leader can call a session if three fifths of both groups. moore feels like hes that number but governor pat mccory says he doesn't feel a special session is needed. >> still plenty to come tonight including the opportunity for those in the job market. a major name in the onrine world is bringing their business here next. >> the queen ask city is home based in nascar which is why they are starting to recruit here at young age. we will show you how they are
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>> a former teacher is sues after she was forced to quit her job. we first told but this a couple of weeks ago. leann a thundershower said the student stole the cell phone while patrolling the halls, and in the, leaked nude pictures, that were meant for husband. she says he felt forced to resign, while though student was still in school during a police investigation. a thor is now suing the school district and the superintendent who crameed she made the photos available for her students because she left the phone unlocked. >> one of the world's most popular form it was of payment is bringing new jobs to charlotte. paypal has announced, it is opening a brand-new operation center in the queen city. with that comes 400 new positions that need to be filled. the new fa tall hi i facility will be located in the
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paypal is one of the most popular forms of on-line pavement. they will start hiring for full-time specials this fall. >> if you wanted to work in nascar, well, they may not be hiring yet but these high school students got thrilled during today's open house at the nascar technical institute. as part of students at workweek. more than 1,000 got tour the state-of-the-art facility and get the hands dirty in the process. was all in hopes of sparking a new interest in the face-paced sports. we're trying to fill a need. a demand for technician, and professional technicians? some of the part of is this to give families the idea that the old shade tree is long gone. we need people with their hands and minds who are not afraid to solve problems and not afraid of technology. think young people have advantage there. >> the students at the work program help! hopes to help raise the graduation rate by giving kids a chance to learn outside of the classroom.
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lined with green this morning for the annual st. patrick's day parade. fox 46 was there in full force. many of the people you see on fox walked the streets greeting many of you be and handing out freebies. the 19th annual had irelands ambassador to the state's ann anderson as the grand marshal. for some three digs is more than day for the irish. >> it is a fabulous parade. it is as good as it gets. appreciate the all the people in the city that turn out and do their best to be irish for the day. >> nick is out there, to too. i am look for him in the video. i dop see it. he is doing a jig somewhere looping the way. officer. >> then he came over here to join us. >> not as good as the video that we saw that could dance a jig. you noticed you are wearing the green, too. >> very observant. here is charlotte now. that is good representation of really the entire day.
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we had a little bit of both. even some rain earlier this morning. there is a little bit of rain falling around the area, and i will get that in a bit. the average high is 60. we hit 70 so we are above the average by a good amount here as we did see breaks in the cloud coverage. we set the high around the end of the parade, as we were getting throughout. i was checking the phone. we were at 70 degrees so it was bit on the warm side, there. down here at 7:35. here is the a.c. doppler radar. here over the last 15 minutes sore. we got a broken line of showers and maybe some heavier stuff here moving through the area, so a heed up there. some really, really brief heavy downpours for five or ten minutes, then it should all be out of your hair and conditioning to kind of push to the east and also toward morganton. some showers showing up. lamar , henry, temperatures, 55. 54 concord. 40 in sal less berry. compare for lancaster, chesterfield.
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again, cool air coming from north to south. so eventually, the entire viewing area is going to get that cold air to flood in, so tomorrow, is going to be be a little bit more unified in terms of the air temperature. 38 for the low tonight in charlotte. could see passing showers around thanks to this low pressure system. the cold front keeping things that little bit unsettled in the atmosphere. so here is what the models are going there w. i think overnight, it is mostly i quiet. then the second batch of rain. another wave of energy coming through tomorrow evening. so tomorrow, light showers there. some snow potentially then early monday morning to the mountains. i do think, though, we will be kay for the monday morning commute. then we widen things out the rest of tuesday, wednesday, thursday, most of the workweek, the upcoming workweek should be okay. maybe some storms moving in for friday, this out. it has been awhile since we talked about temperatures being cool. freeze watch in place for the counties here monday morning between 4:00 a.m. andten a.m. a.m.
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people are thinking, i should get out to plantp my garden. hopefully you didn't do that. the last frost happens in the first week of april. this is par for the course and we're counting do in the last couple of hours here of winter by 12:30 overnight and into tomorrow morning, it with will be spring. tomorrow, the first day of bring. check that out. monday, tuesday, wednesday, sunny. a chaps of storms there come friday, now on saturday, sunny, back down to 67. jenna? >> nick, thanks. hey, the balling is on capitol hill. just as president obama leaves for cuba. the choice leaves the gop on offensive. he we're reviewing this fireworks in store and the battle over the seats. >> and the hulkster is back in the headlines. the sex tape trial is over, but you did he walk away from the
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answer when the news at 6:00 steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it!
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every day, for life. >> four people,who are believed
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attacks have been detained, including masterminded. the group captured in paris friday. the country will try to tracks diet. among those captured were family members who helped him get away. officials say he and another suspect had minor in jr.s in jr.s in there trade this led to capture. president obama has been in close contact with french and belgium officials on the matter than the steps this re talking to keep their country safe. more than 60 passengers were killed when a russian plane crashed. take a k willing at this video that someone captured. russia's emergency hin industry says a passenger airliner from dubai crashed while trying to land in airport just south of moscow. fly dubai is looking into the cause of the crash. it is believed to be caused by strong winds reaching hurricane levels but has not been confirmed. the state news gag sy says the winds could be anywhere from 30
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a a soaksperson from a flight tracking web site says the plane missed the first approach and then tried to land again before losing contact. new tonight, a rocket fired by isis forces have killed a u.s. marine and injured three others. military officials confirmed the news this morning, they say it happened near where the rocket was fired indirectly. the marines yet to didn't fy the man that was killed. the latest casualty comes days after john kerry declared the atrocities committed by isis against religious minorities in the middle east are genocide. and the force may have a drug problem on the hands. officials are investigating 14 air men from a nuclear weapons base for lamingly using cocaine while off-duty on the base. the accused are part of a guard unit at warren air force base. that is near cheyenne, wyoming. the base is home to more than 100 minute men three nuclear his
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silos. the air force has conducted other drug probes at the base and discovered cheating on the proficiency test on another minute man base in montana. >> and president obama used his weekly address, today, to keep the pressure up on senate republicans over the supreme court pick. the senate majority leader says he won't even schedule a vote on up the appointment of supreme court thom knee merrick garland. garland met with the handful of senators friday, just before they skipped town for are two week recess. fox news correspondent ant has more. reporter: the white house is not take no for an answer. all week the administration has been laying out the tragedy forgetting merrick towbarland a confirmation hearing t. that is going to be a tall order, he though. republican leadership has said all along, any nomination from president obama is dead on raval, thand the next president should philadelphia the opening on the sum freedom court. democrats argue that republicans
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even give grland a hearing and vote. in various ways, both sides are using d.c.'s go-to tragedy i of addition to other one of playing politics in. this time with the supreme court rack sy. we saw that again today in the weekly addresses from the white house and the republican party. >> this is precisely the time we should treat the appointment of the supreme court justice, with the seriousness it deserves. because our supreme court is supposed to be above poll tucks, not an ex tension poll ticks. >> the question now is what choice the president and the democratic leaders will make. will they join us in doing our jobs on behalf of the american people? or will they, instead, seek to for the divide our nations by turning the supreme court processes into a blatantly partisan back and forth. u can get used to hearing the kinds of armings because this fight is pecked to carry on all the way through the election. after this, though, a handful of
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kang the opinion, particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins the lex. >> we ought to look in the lame duck sings november. i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland and then a nominee that hillary conditionton if she were president would put forward. >> a small number now say they are willing to meet with garland after the senate tweeze-week break. they point out quickly that would be only as a courtesy. in washington. i am garrett penney reporting, fox news. >> fox news is speaking out on behalf of their anchor meg gwyn cannily slamming donald trump. the network released a statement saying his "extreme sick be session with kelly is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate who wants to occupy the highest office in the land." fox news went ton say, it with wilton support kelly, trump has amped up attacks on the popular anchor since tuesday's primary
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overrated person in television. the campaign has not responded to the network's comments. >> speaking of trump, his rally in arizona saw an unexpected roadblock. check this out. row testers blocked off streets leading to fountain hill. some standing on the road chanting slogans and displaying signs reading dump trump. at one point, a tow truck removed two vehicles vehicles from the scene but big crowds still remain. so far no one has been hurt. so arrests have been made. >> hulk mania is running wild after the jury i sides with hulk hogan in the sex video trial. a judge awarded the hulkster $115 million after a jury decided that digital news site gawker released a sex tape featuring him. the 62-year-old hogan whose real names terry balea sued gawker for $1million of a posted video of him having sex with the wife
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bubba the love sponge, hogan contenned the release of the video was a violation of his privacy. quaker's editor says the video and the accompanied posts were new worthy gawker ins indicated it will appeal. the battle over the pick for the vacant supreme court seat has the panel on fox news sunday duking it out. chris wallace has what is in store for you tomorrow morning. >> this thing the weak on fox news sunday. the president's chief of staff. the senate's republican leader face-off over mr. obama's supreme court nominee. senator mitch mcconnell and dennis mcdunn na debate whether judge merrick garland should get a vote, then governor john kasich wicks wins the state of ohio and vows to press on. we'll ask the gop candidate what is the foote the nomination. and our sunday panel on the gop's plan to stop trump.
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sunday. >> and happening right pow, final preparations are underway for president obama's trip to cuba, the first family will touch down in havana tomorrow. visit comes 15 months after efforts were started to normalize relations with cuba. since then, current trade and tourism restrictions have been eased and embassies have reopened. obama will be the first president to travel to cuba since calvin cool ledge back in 1928. the truth is not all business though. while in cuba, obama will attend a basketball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. >> and do you know what you are eating? one food company doesn't think you do or at least wants to educate more about it? general mills is attempting to be a trendsetter tonight. how they are doing it is on the way. >> mus, charlotte's home to many amazing breweries with which has these mugs brewing something of their own. find out how you can bet your
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>> and here is a look at the current conditions right now in charlotte. a little bit of cloud coverage. it is vern in to he cool side. i am also tracking some rain and
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>> charlotte is quickly becoming a beer topia for fans of the craft. buzz now, a group of monks living in a mon star are in italy look to get into the game. amy kellogg has the story brewing from roam. >> brother francis from dallas, texas,s the chief of the benedict orders craft beer, newly available in the united states. the tradition of brewing dates back to the middle ages and despite what you may think about alcohol and lent, beer for monks
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the proceeds are meant to help it afloat. the group of mostly american ben dick brought it back to life in 2,000. peer for them is not just the bottom line, though. it is a bridge to the community. >> so many people are afraid of the church and afraid reledge gn and atrade of the breast and the monk. they happy to talk about beer. >> often called the father of. they will produce as much as they can between the eight daily prayers without having to hire lay brew you we're. >> we label it. we bottle it. we label it. we bolt it. we taste test it. >> in terms of what the monks have brewing. they are not quite sure yet. they say it may be scotch, but meantime, they are working hard to perfect the craft. >> in roam, amy kellogg, fox news. >> well, if you are used to wake up bright and early during the week and seeing the hovly face over here. he decided to sneak in on
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bring us your weather forecast. we're headed to the workweek and beginning of spring. hi, nick. i like hanging out with jenna. that is why am here. le vol listen toad to come in. the average high is 64. we hit 70. way know what. so we kept the streak alive of seeing nothing but you mild conditions here over the past two weeks, and again, i think, tomorrow, all of this really comes to an end. right now, temperatures are very, very chilly, so you never know it, but he we're at 70 now. and records on this day, 86-21 so well off both of those. thank goodness we are away from the 21-degree record. any radar now is well west of 77 and we got a little batch of some heavy rain making its way through possible and rithford county, so rutherford here, right on top of you here, you getting moderate, even patches of heavy rain and expands through burke conthere is, burke caldwell, morganton, hickory,
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heads up. this is headed your way within the text 20-30 minute sore. here go. we got a real mixed bag of temperatures from 46 in statesville down to 66 in ran caster so the temperature spread is literally 20 degrees, andten eventually, all of this cool air will fill in the entire map and going to happen overnight and by tomorrow morning. tems on the cool side. here in charlotte. 38 for the overnight low. it thats been awhile since we dipped in. it happens this evening with the northerly wind at 5 and 10. low pressure going to keep things unsettled here overnight, so chances for showers to move through are possible they are not great but they are there. then another wave pushing in for tomorrow evening, wand that, rain chances in the piedmont, no chances there up toward the counties. not a lot of rain. not a lot of snow for either areas that i just mentioned there. it is something to keep an eye out for. after the rain falls overnight and into upon day morning.
6:34 pm
into nicely, then tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we see a lot of sunshine into next week. here bow, the freeze watch monday morning. going to be a cold start to next week. so keep that in mained. make sure you know, where your winter coat is like i mentioned. we have not been, you know, needing anything in the waive of extra layer at all recently. so you may have to search for the heavier jacket or coat. 53 for tomorrow. 56 monday. 62 tuesday. temps rebounding well to the 70's wednesday, thursday. then could see a few storms on friday. then getting into saturday, then clears out. but temps cool a little bit. 67 another high. 50's for the low. that is your 7-day forecast. jenna? >> nick, thanks. >> your stain gram account is about to get more holelely. you can follow the pope on instagram. the pope launched the new account this morning. he has more than 2,600,000 followers. the vatican says decision to open the account came thief, pope met with instagram's ceo.
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social media. he joined twitter two years ago and has almost 9 million followers. so far, he still has not joined facebook. >> it has been long rumored that the big changes are coming to twitter but it is what the company is not doing tonight that has people talking. find out what we're talking your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. now you can own a 3e series tractor
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>> general mills is hoping other business will take the lead when it tells to telling consumers what in the food. the cereal giant announced at this time is labbing all the products that have gmo. they have been a hot topic as of late. general mills says they people ared to take the tax after the senate narrowly shot down a piece of legislation would have created a voluntary national standard for labeling foods with gmo. >> the world's biggest music streaming service is hoping a large payment to artists will help keep the lawyers out of courtroom.
6:38 pm
that has the company paying $21 million to pub blushers for uncovered royalties this. the sweden based music streamers say that is on top of the $15 million pool that is already in flies pay royalties this. settlement is a private agreement from the various lawsuits that musicians have filed against spotify. >> don't expect twitter to kang any time soon. after reports and hints about a possible format switch. twitter ceo says they will not expand the $140 cracker limit. jack dorsey told the today show. there was talk of push teg limit up but now says the 140 limit is now iconic. recode previously reported that twit wears work and system that would allow 10,000 crackers dorr way so not confirm that but did say that twit ter is always working on something new. >> pizza delivery boys across the world could be out of a job soon. that is because dominoes is
6:39 pm
the pizza chain is testing not battery-powered robot in new e! zealand. the bott is named drew short for domino's robotic unit. here is how it works. the store programs an address in the robot uses sensors to avoid obstacles along the root up to ten pieces could be stored in the heated compartment which could be unlocked with the code that customers are given. domino's claims drews the world's first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. >> , would you order pizza from a row pot if. >> i felt like a lot could go wrong with that? graze orders messed up. it will never get there. you will be weight on domino's. but shout out to them andrew. we will talk college hoops.
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see how they survived late >> you know what? it is hard to top friday's games. a 15 seed, a 14 seed, a 13 seed all within on the same day. another first time in ncaa tournament history, busting brackets left and right, colliding mine! duke hoping to take care of business against 12-ranked yale today and not be the next favorite to go down. now, yale, they are am fo! coming up a big upset win over fifth seed baylor, the blue devils came out on fire in the first half. reason done knocks that one down. then luke got that one and how about the corner. then not just a shooter.
6:43 pm
he is lethal. he had 29 in the game. duke is up by 23 at the break. here comes yale the second half. mason, finding brandon sher ard, he get these are points the hard way. yale cutting the lead to single digits, but brandon ingham, the freshman phenom knocked done the three and puts the nail in the coffin, and duke, they get the win, 71-64 heading back to the sweet 16. >> so we are a heck of a team. you cannot simulate that type of game pressure and for our kids to respond. we are very proud of wing our 2015 and being a sweet 16 team. and it is a heck of a thing nor up from. >> now the blue devils will get the winner of oregon st. joe's in the round of 16. >> how about north carolina. they will tray to earn a spot in the sweet 16 as well. they have to get through providence out of the big east tonight.
6:44 pm
win over the florida gulf coast in the opening round. the flyers coming up over usc in the opening round, now defenses a really propelled the tar heels team since the acc tournament last week, and the next challenge will be to try to shut down big east player of the year, future lottery pick, chris dunn. >> well, we try our best to try to stain front of them. if you try to post us up. try to get in front. try to help the big guys. let the big gas is help us over the top. >> marcus knows the defensive principles. he has quick feet. he has toughness. gets where he wants to be. he sees the han. he sees the ball at the same time. he doesn't get beaten because somebody has the back of his head. he has the skills then the toughness than the want to lis. he wants to be a good defensive player. all right. unc providence tonight at 9:40. to the npa. the car lot hornets hosting the denver nuggets. the game got underway at 6:00 now.
6:45 pm
second quarter, that is. highlights and rae axe later tonight in sports. and because basketball since nearing end the. the college football season. it is just starting with spring ball, charlotte holding the first practice of the spring this morning. fou the 49ers are coming off the first season at the level and first year as member of conference usa. charlotte returns 17 starts from last year's team that had a rough season going 0-8 in conference play. but these guys, they understood last year was going to be a huge learning curve and now they are ready to take that next step. everybody is on the same page as far as like what we are trying to do. we're trying to within the east and we are being conference champion. we have the same goal in our mind. feel like there is a loft ties where they were on different area but are right now aim goal, same focus. we know we are out here to do and work hard in the he off-season and now time to put everything together to have fun.
6:46 pm
up for charlotte april 23 winder the annual green light spring game. well, three-week west coast spring wrapping up this weekend with weekend with the auto club 400 and southern cal. austin dl lan on the pole for sunday's race as opposed to the fastest times during qualifying last night. it is the first pole since the daytona 500 two years ago. he will be one of the drivers to watch this weekend as the depending race winner and kevin harvick who dominated last year and also coming off a win phoenix. >> that has been one of the best races over the years. the every driver in the fay rage is looking forward to racing this particular package, at california because it is going to be. there is not a lot of chat birth. you can race on the top. you can race on the bottom. i think it i, you know, i think it is going to be exciting, be so yeah, i know, all the drivers seem to be really excited about it. you know aim excited about it.
6:47 pm
what happens because the cars are going to be out-of-control. >> and the auto club 400 close green tomorrow at 3:30 and the race could be seen here on fox 46 wjzy. jenna? >> hi, thanks. well, still to come tonight. we're 24 hours away thetic performance you will ever see the passion and tyler perry's latest work. he is talking about it with us
6:48 pm
see what he [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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>> the emotionally charged production "the passion" is 24 hours away. there is a lot of buzz surrounding the man behind the show. "good day charlotte" spoke one-on-one with tyler perry about with a it means to him and the come-tilt takes place in. >> the last hours of jesus christ is the 2,000-year-old story that will be told like never before right here on fox 46wzy called the passion and will air live this day in at 8:00 p.m. join us now is tyler perry who will be hosting production. mr. perry, hello. >> hi, how are few i am doing well. thanks for being with us. so tyler you have extensive list of projects that you worked on. how does it stand out to if you. >> well, listen, i never done any in the like this. this is, this is the story of of christ arele told in modern daytimes and instead of robes ansan dales, there are jeanance tennis shoes. new orleans will be our
6:51 pm
it is live thousands of people 20-foot il loom mated cross making the way through. there is nothing like to ever on television in america. am excited to be a part of the first one. >> oh, my goodness. so what are you hoping that the viewer walks away with as you know. this is a very important story and means a lot to a lot of people. >> for me, i read something that shocked me. how many people don't believe in good or how many millennials have an idea of what the story is about so excitement for me that is so many who you know, in life, we go through a lot of things. i think it is very important that we teach our children to be able to turn to faith and to turn to god because what i do know, if we teach them anything, they will turn to something. namesly show that everybody can watch. it is going to be just so touching, so moving, and this story is so important. and i am so glad to be a part of it. okay. i want too back to the artistic side of everything. i know it is a musical. it is like you said, a very different production, can you
6:52 pm
it is not like grease. it is this story being told union orleans being at jerusalem with top 40 songs with seal, trisha yearwood, chris daughtry, yolanda adams. we got great certains helping us tell the story and i tell you. the only way you can describe it is to once it. you cannot explain it in so many words. >> okay. now, i know you have not opinion shy about talking about religion in your production as well as your life and i think, i think it seems as though you are connected to project in a different way. >> oh, yes. very much. very much so. because for me, come from the generation where you know, your mother would make you go to church. well, that doesn't happen any more. i am hoping that this gently gives people the reminder that there is faith. there is love. there is compassion for all. so that is what my prayer is. >> okay.
6:53 pm
such honor. thank you so much. we're looking forward to the project. >> yes i am in charlotte soon. yeah. i am excited about. thele with you make sure you call us. >> thank you. we appreciate. >> i will. i will. >> i will. >> all right. tyler perry will be joined by jencarlos canela playing jesus christ and north carolina's own chris dau city who will be playing judas. the passion airs live sunday at 8:00 p.m. here on fox 46 jay-z y. >> just a rep in into, he can
6:54 pm
tomorrow night at 8:00 here on steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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>> welcome back. 6:56 and checking on live showers following here for really the entire hour and it is still, over the area, making slow progress now into cleveland county but still hickory getting some light rain, everywhere in between from look ry back toward rutherford, so we keep an eye on that. lightning strikes every was in while with these cells so i think nothing severe to worry about at all. today, tonight, tomorrow. we do see would mainly just be rain fall and it would all depend on what degree of rain it would be. light moderate heavy. in any event. 12:30 overnighted ap spring is finally here and for tomorrow. cloud are i with scattered rain showers. 53 and 56 monday. 62 tuesday. then, in the 70's a couple of days next week, there.
6:57 pm
some rain. could see a couple of storms, too. by saturday, sunshine. then, 67. we have been spoiled, guys. tomorrow, it comes crashing down. >> yeah. in the 80's. >> i know. >> i know. >> i know. it was all good. 48 hours ago. >> yeah. it didn't rain crazy today.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
we got luc [tapping] so, uh, have you found a band yet for your wedding? no. 'cause i'm in a band.
7:00 pm
yeah. i mean, it's inevitable. i definitely overhear some wedding preparation, but i'm fine with it. she hears me arranging my social life, and we both have to hear dwight order deer urine over the internet, so it evens out. so i got the save the date. yeah? yeah, pretty stationery. oh, thanks. i didn't get mine yet. um... there are a few people i decided not to invite, and that might make things kind of awkward, but... it's my wedding. and i don't want anyone there who has called me a hussy.


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